Welcome to Beijing Sidecar. Home of Zhang´s Motor Works      

Welcome to Beijing Sidecar. Home of Zhang's Motor Works

Refurbished, restored, tuned and custom built CJ 750 motorcycles with or without a sidecar.

Restoring, repairing and custom building CJ 750 motorcycles for over 30 years. Browse the bike gallery and contact us for details concerning price and delivery. The most sought after restoration types are the WWII BMW R71
and R75 as well as the classic BMW R71. But you are free to design your own style of bike.
We will do our utmost to accomodate your wishes.
We can also assist with paper work, packaging and shipping out of China to most international destinations. Send us an e-mail on contact@beijing-sidecar.com for further information concerning export, import and delivery.

- Recent times socio- and geo political circumstances have somewhat    disrupted logistics and supply chains out of China.

- Due to Restrictions on mailing of mechanical parts we can no longer ship
   smaller parts by mail.

- We no longer offer tours of any kind.